Saturday, July 6, 2013

Journal Pages

I took a brief online video class with Valerie Sjodin about cutting and embellishing edges of fold-out journal pages. I've been having fun and experimenting, learning about using acrylic paints, designing some prayer pages, and sharing artwork with other students in a special facebook group. It's my first experience with an online class and I'm enjoying it. I'll be sharing some of my learnings with the participants at Spirit of Children conference in August at Green Acre.

So far I've been working in two handmade journals. Here are some shots of a page from the larger journal (8x10") using watercolor paper, acrylic paint and rapidograph pens. This journal is not sewn together yet--it was easier that way to work on the pages. So this is the left half of a two-page spread. The singing bird on the left will fold under the stronghold page. The text is from the prayer for humanity.

In the smaller journal, I used different watercolor paper and tried watercolor paints. This journal is 8x5.75". Here is the cover.

And here is my first fold-out page with a quote from 'Abdu'l-Baha. The trees on the right fold under the fountain page.

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