Friday, July 19, 2013

Travel Books

Tomorrow morning (Sat) I'll be driving out to Chelmsford MA public library to teach a children's bookmaking workshop. We'll be making a 4x4" rubber-band book and decorating them like world citizen passports or travel journals. We'll also make a diamond pouch to hold our books. Then we'll write and illustrate stories about a trip we took, real or imaginary.

Here are some traveling books that I have made...

Sweet Journey--an artists book with see-thru windows, wheels that turn,
a magnet-closure in the bumper, 
and a glove compartment that opens to reveal a mini-book.
Memories about childhood trips to Canada to visit my grandparents.

Car book open 

 Spread with my dad napping in the back of our station wagon while mom drives

Dashboard, with mini-accordion book hidden in the glove compartment (set into back cover)

Fold-out suitcase book with 4 pockets for mini-books, letters etc.

A "museum book" with 4 galleries and pop-ups 
that tell a story about weaving in Guatemala.

Mama is making tortillas for breakfast

museum book folds up

Simple car book -- cut and folded from one sheet of paper.

spread from an illustrated story book about my trip to Guatemala


Below are drawings from my travel journals to Guatemala...

fountain in restaurant


woman weaving on back-strap loom

study of textile art

map of Panajachel, town where I stayed


  1. How did you do the museum book? I would love to do it in my classroom!

    1. Thanks Angela. I will try to draw out some diagrams to build the museum book and post them. (or you can send me your email and I will send them)